When you share a link on your Facebook page you can choose the image. Here, we wanted to share a link to an article that mentions a restaurant we like, but the image that pops up automatically is for a different eatery. Follow the steps below to display the link image of your choice.

Step 1:

Facebook shared link image

Paste the link into your new post. The linked page will then appear with an image from the page you are linking to.

Step 2:

upload image to Facebook shared link.

Click on the plus sign in the box next to the thumbnail image to upload a new image.

Step 3:

select new image on Facebook shared link

Click on the first thumbnail to deselect it.

Step 4:

Facebook shared link with new image and tags

Delete the link, write your message and post.

Best Practices:
Shared link images are 484 x 252 pixels—a larger image upload recommended (e.g., 1200 x 627).
Tag business pages mentioned in your post as a courtesy.