Living Quarters Design

Living Quarters is an interior design business in Arcata, California that designs with and specifies fabrics, furnishings, window coverings, surface materials, lighting and accessories.

Hubbard’s German Auto, Inc.

Hubbard’s German Auto wanted a simple, modern look for their website to reflect their clean shop and the precision work they do.

Fern Cottage

Historic Fern Cottage is near the Victorian village of Ferndale, California is still owned by the descendants of Joseph Russ and his wife Zipporah Patrick. Its beautiful gardens are the perfect place for ceremonies and receptions.

Children’s T-shirts

Two-color emblem designs for children’s organic cotton t-shirts, using local and California motifs. The famous banana slug of California's Redwood Coast. Star logo for organically-grown cotton children's...

Renovated Post Mounted Sign

Patterson Conners Insurance in Fortuna needed a new, modern look and a replacement for the existing post-mounted sign. We were able to reuse the posts and finials, and the lathe softened the structure on the bottom of the sign. This is what the sign had looked like...

Beck’s Bakery

Beck’s Bakery came to us for a complete branding package with a unique challenge of creating identities for the bakery and the separate grain mill operation. For the bakery our client gave us the wonderfully visual inspiration of  ”June Cleaver with a tattoo.” The...

Dimensional Letters

Wall mounted dimensional letters for Open Door Community Health Centers in Willow Creek. Letters are cut out of a dense, durable acrylic material. Threaded mounts are fastened to the letter backs so that backpins and spacer pads can be attached. A paper pattern is...

Trivia Challenge

Logo illustration for Humboldt Literacy Project annual fundraiser.

Be Well by Ann

Branding, logo design, and website were the first priorities for this new business. With a clean, modern design, the services Be Well By Ann provides will always be front and center.

New Branding and Signage

New branding for Eureka Books required that new signage be designed. An existing bracket for a double-sided blade sign was put to use: A new cantilevered wrought iron bracket and sign were added. An a-frame, or sandwich board sign was created for pedestrian...

Post-Mounted Sign

Client needed a sign to identify the office as well as a wall-mounted directional at a point that confused visitors, as well as a sign on the glass door. The post-mounted sign matched the building architecturally by adding the...

Interior Directional Signs

Interior cantilevered two-sided directional sign. These signs are easily changed by inserting a color print behind the clear cover.

Bracket Sign

Cantilevered bracket for hanging sign from wall  suspended over walkway. Sign guidelines in the Victorian Village of Ferndale require that signs be compatible with surrounding architecture. The modern logo contrasted nicely with the ornate wrought iron...

Fleet Graphics

We do graphics on vehicles: from cars and delivery vans, to huge trucks and mobile offices.

Exterior Signs

Wall-mounted entrance sign, visible from the parking lot, for Omey Dental, and replacement sign on lower half of existing...

Orange Cup Coral

Orange Cup Coral wanted to establish an extensive brand that would imbue the salon with an elegant and calming ambiance. The versatility of the logo in the brilliant orange and calming gray have worked well to establish this ambiance in both their original industrial...