• Don’t hire a third party to post for you.
    Nobody knows your business like you do.
  • Vary your posts.
    Facebook is a great place to showcase your business. Combine a mix of content about your business (product info, trade shows, behind-the-scenes images, sales events) with other content, such as links and shares of third-party posts. Be a resource to users.
  • What seems dull to you may be of interest to followers.
    A vineyard owner may see after-harvest pruning as a mundane chore, but for others it may be interesting. Every business has compelling aspects.
  • Create regular features.
    A “sale item of the week,” or a regular event will bring people back to see what’s new. The Humboldt Bay Tourism Center offers a regular “Meet the Humboldt Maker” event which they announce only on Facebook. Locals check Facebook to see what’s coming up.
  • Make it pithy.
    Keep it brief.
  • Encourage comments.
    Treat your followers like friends — respond to comments regularly.
  • Follow other pages.
    By following pages associated with your business, you’ll build a strong newsfeed — free of the selfies and photos of pets  you see on your personal profile newsfeed. Follow this streamlined, rich newsfeed and share posts that might be of interest to your customers.
  • Tag other businesses — they’ll appreciate it.
    To tag other pages in your posts, type “@” and follow with the name of the page you wish to tag. Facebook will autofill the name and when you select it, it will be a link.