Basskerville's 1777 specimen sheet broadside
Reproduction of a reproduction of a rare Baskerville specimen broadside.

A full-size reproduction of the rare 1777 edition of John Baskerville’s specimen broadside from the collection of Joh. Enschedé en Zonen in Haarlem Holland, was reproduced in John Dreyfus’ The Survival of Baskerville‘s Punches (1959). Phillip Gaskell reproduced the reproduction in his John Baskerville a Bibliography (Cambridge University Press, 1959).

There’s a droll anecdote that Benjamin Franklin related to John Baskerville about Franklin having used a Caslon specimen sheet to great effect with one of Baskerville‘s critics.

Page one of the Survival of Baskerville's punches

Title page of The Survival of Baskerville’s Punches
by John Dreyfus (1949)
Edition limited to 250 copies