Dimensional Letters

Wall mounted dimensional letters for Open Door Community Health Centers in Willow Creek. Letters are cut out of a thick, dense, durable acrylic. The paint is an automotive acrylic enamel that will last for decades. Threaded mounts are fastened to the letter backs so...
New Branding and Signage

New Branding and Signage

New branding for Eureka Books required new signage. An existing bracket for a double-sided blade sign was put to use: A new cantilevered wrought iron bracket and sign were added. An a-frame sign was created for pedestrian traffic.

Post-mounted sign

Client needed signs as well as a wall-mounted directional near the entrance. We added dentils to the post-mounted sign to match the cornice on the Victorian building.

Cantilevered wrought iron bracket

Guidelines in the “Victorian Village” of Ferndale require that signs be compatible with surrounding architecture. The modern logo contrasted nicely with this cantilevered wrought iron bracket.


We provide full color exterior-grade custom banners of all sizes, with sewn or welded hems and grommets or pole pockets.