Cincinnati Type Foundry  flyer detail from before 1895

We recently purchased this 11 x 17″ sale flyer. Typographic ephemera typically consists of beautiful broadsides from foundries, advertising a new typeface on high-quality paper, but this is a notice of a sale of “secondhand job type” printed on low-quality paper. It was likely distributed to print shops in the region served by the Cincinnati Type Foundry. These faces would have been used in “job printing,” business cards, stationery, etc.

Cincinnati Type Foundry used job type sale flyer.

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There’s a mention of the “War of 1861,” so we know that it was printed after the Civil War and before 1894/95 when Cincinnati Type Foundry was merged into American Type Founders (a type founders collective which was formed in 1892). Thanks to Cincinnati Type & Print Museum for help with the dates.

View a larger scan of the entire flyer.