Custom cards make your holiday greetings stand out. Get a price from us for a truly custom card design and printing.

Seasoned greetings holiday card


2021: Another take on Xmas and a suggestion for a stuffing condiment.


analog tweet Xmas card

An analog holiday nod to social media.

Rudolph the interfaith reindeer

menorah deer Hanukkah holiday mash-up

The holidays are a mix of traditions, old and new.

Buon Natale

Buon Natale custom Xmas card

Half letter-sized card (two cards per sheet) with A4 envelopes provides a quick, inexpensive solution to your holiday card needs. Only one slice of margherita pizza was required.

Holiday hazards

Merry excess, Santa overdid it.

Screen printed card by hand in four colors.

A Christmas mystery

Snowman stabbed with carrot

Another screen print—five colors hand-printed—with the message “A Christmas mystery” printed on the inside. Poor Frosty!

Letter collage

Christmas tree letter collage

A collage of letters from dozens of typefaces.

Holiday diversity

Xmas navidad traditional Chinese food

A traditional Christmas favorite—Chinese food. As for the Chop Suey typeface, well—we’ve written about that.

Merry Kitschmas

tasteful Xmas greeting

The elegance of a Pepto-Bismol® colored Xmas tree.

Scissors and paste

handmade torn paper Xmas card

Cut and torn construction paper with a rubber stamp for the greeting inside. It’s lovely to spend time at the kitchen table working on holiday cards.


Air freshener Xmas card

air freshener Xmas card

We are in the land of the giant redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens), so we had a different take on rear-view tree air fresheners. A few drops of pine oil added inside.

Wrestling magi

Los magos luchadores Xmas card


The War on Christmas was rigged!

A Caltrans sort of Christmas

Holiday deer crossing

The nose makes his identity unambiguous.

More stuff with each fold

Xmas consumerism

First panel featured a single red ornament in the lower right corner.

Torn paper greeting cards

torn paper Xmas wreath card

Wreath cards from torn paper (newspaper ad inserts are great) pasted to blank cards. Recycle and create a memorable Xmas card.

Rubber stamps

2010 holiday greeting

Our 2009 card was made up of two rubber stamps.


Whacky Xmas Christmas holiday card

2018—Have yourself a whacky little Christmas