Type Anatomy Chart

type anatomy chart

Check out our high res pdf chart illustrating typographic terminology for various parts of type.

Business Outreach


We created symbols and text for the promotion of small business counseling and loans for an economic development agency.

Social Media


Our client needed an illustration to show a website’s ties to and interaction with various social media.

Public Outreach


The County Department of Health needed an effective community outreach piece on the problem of underage drinking using a combination of statistics, anecdotal information, and suggested action for political solutions.

By the Numbers—Financial

By the numbers financial breakdown

Annual financial breakdown for community foundation annual report.

Process Flow Chart

Donation process flow chart


Flow chart for processes of donating to funds or receiving grants.

Pie Chart

pie chart info graphic

Pie chart showing percentages of grants by broad category for community foundation.

Public Feedback


We provided visuals for a printed piece that consolidated countywide public feedback to a lengthy questionnaire and data from public meetings about a general plan update.

Custom Maps


We create custom maps for events, receptions, and branded location maps for the web and print collateral.