It looks like an annual web hosting bill"Web Host Agents" phony web hosting bill

A company called Web Host Agents sends businesses what appears to be an invoice for “yearly web hosting.” At a glance, it does look like an invoice, but buried within the text is “This is a solicitation…not a bill.” One can easily imagine a busy accounts payable office simply sending a check to clear the in-box.

“Hosting your website with us will ensure your website remains active, that you retain exclusive rights to it on the web, and now is the time to transfer your web hosting from your current provider to Web Host Agents.” This may sound legit if you haven’t had your coffee yet. Assuming that they do, in fact, provide hosting, you would need to migrate your site and redirect your domain to Web Host Agents servers.

Beware of domain name billing scams as well

Our local hosting service, Morse Media posted a warning about a similar billing scam from a company called Internet Domain Name Services in which the headline on the invoice-looking letter warns “Domain Name Expiration Notice.” The scammers know that few business owners can remember which company they leased their domain from, and nobody wants to lose their domain name—the notice looks urgent. They charge $45 per year (“best value: 5 years for $180”), and you’d have to transfer your domain from your current registrar to whom you are likely paying about $10 annually.

Caveat emptor is always good advice, but in this case, the buyer believes that the goods have already been purchased, and they are simply renewing.