Logo to be turned into avatar
How do we turn this complex logo into a social media avatar?

Profile images on Facebook are automatically cropped to 160 pixels square for the profile page and reduced to a 32 pixel thumbnail in comments. Most logos are not ideal in a square (and worse, a tiny thumbnail) but there are workarounds. For many logos, an initial from the logo, or a visual detail in the branded colors will work— remember, the name of your company is written in large letters on your Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter page next to your profile picture, so your profile image does not have to be legible.

We need a square profile image that looks good at thumbnail size. In order to make it fit in a square this horizontal logo has to be reduced. The thumbnail/smaller image is too small.

incorrectly done profile image/avatar

Here we use the monogram detail from the logo, which retains legibility even in the 32 pixel thumbnail.

Here is another example, using a letter in the branded typeface and colors—simple and legible.

correctly done commercial profile image

The same principles apply to formatting a branded favicon (a yet smaller representation of your brand).
In any case, look sharp—even when you are tiny.