Think of what you could do in online ads with what you have budgeted for yellow pages

If you’re still spending money in the various yellow pages publications in your region, consider this:

  • Expense: How much could you do online with what you spend on yellow pages?
  • Diminishing usage: Every year, a yet larger percentage of your potential customers find phone numbers online.
  • Multiple phone books: Competing books each offer only their fraction of the diminishing market.
  • Lack of flexibility: Yellow pages contracts are signed for an entire year, far in advance of publication.

Online advertising offers control and flexibility. With search engine advertising, you control the message and the reach. One company we work with  loves Google Adwords—they turn up the amount they pay per click when they are slow, and lower it when they are busy. Bing is used for about a third of searches, so Bing Ads is also an economical way to advertise online.