Lorem Ipsum is used for greeking text

When designs are required before content is ready “greeking” is a method of filling in space where the text will go. It can be accomplished by simply sketching horizontal lines with a pencil, or, with the advent of design software, by dropping Latin into text columns. Designers call this placeholder text Lorem Ipsum, because these are the first two words of the most commonly used greeking text.

Greeked pencil layout

Greeked pencil layout by Dixi Gail Hall

The idea is to not distract decision makers with questions of text messaging. These rough layouts can also help copywriters see how much text might be appropriate.

Lorem Ipsum is a somewhat scrambled excerpt from de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum, written by Cicero in 45 BCE. Cicero was popular reading throughout the late middle ages when literacy was spreading, and into the Enlightenment when all educated Europeans still read Latin, but by the time Lorem Ipsum was put together, Latin was understood by few, so it was the perfect placeholder text to show foundry type to printers or to dummy-up an advertisement.

You can generate Lorem Ipsum text online for your next project.