Infant’s Tshirts

children's organic t-shirt with poppy

Two-color emblem designs for children’s organic cotton t-shirts, using local and California motifs. See more.

Trivia Event

brain illustration for Humboldt Literacy Project

Logo illustration for Humboldt Literacy Project annual fundraiser.

Eureka Theater Logo

Eureka Theater logo

Logo Illustration

deer illutration for realtor

Logo for realtor who specializes in large rural properties.



Custom illustration/caricature for “The Town Dandy,” a regular news column, by journalist Hank Sims, that appeared in a northern California alt-weekly.

Holiday Cards

Merry Excess screenprinted card

We design custom holiday cards and provide the printing, so why send expensive but mass-produced, boilerplate greeting cards to your clients? We’ll create a unique holiday greeting, branded exclusively for your business.

Children’s Illustrations


Castleware Baby asked us to create some custom illustrations to be screen printed on their 100% organic cotton baby clothes and for use on their website. To support their message of “A clean start for baby … gentle on the earth,” the flower carrying barnyard animals create a sense of gentleness and concern for the environment.
The color palette and graphic elements were extended onto the website to further the brand.

Rex Bohn


Custom illustration of Rex Bohn, Humboldt County’s entertaining fundraising auctioneer, County Supervisor , community volunteer extraordinaire and Maître du bon mot.

Self Promotional

We moved back


When we moved, we only moved next door—but then, seven years later we moved back into the original location.

Type and Illustration


Logo for literary blog.

Restaurant Façade Rendering

restaurant facade illustration

Ridgetop Cafe illustration of remodeled building.

Animated Banner Ads

animated gif ad for mobile

For Post Haste, we wanted the brand to be prominent and in a fixed position while the animation runs. The dominant logo reinforces the brand in every frame of the animation and is still readable as the animated object goes through its routine. We set up a pause between loops to ease the annoyance to users, while still calling their attention with the occasional movement.